Different Types of Clients

posted by Matt Adams

One of my favorite websites that I find myself on daily is freelanceswitch.com. I was “Googling” tips and tricks on dealing with certain types of clients when I came across an article that talked about the different breeds of clients. The author went on to talk about how there are 12 different types of clients.

  1. The low-tech client
  2. The disinterested client
  3. The hands on client
  4. The paranoid client
  5. The appreciative client
  6. The get-a-good-deal client
  7. The I’ll-know-it-when-I-See-It client
  8. The always urgent client
  9. The decision by committee client
  10. The dormant client
  11. The budget client
  12. The you-should-be-so-lucky client

This article made me laugh because of how true it actually is, if you’re interested in reading the full article you can head over to freelanceswitch.com, let me know your thoughts!